Andrew Chough

UI/UX Designer - Software Developer


Hi! My name is Andrew Chough and I'm currently a junior at Boston College pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.


Full-time student. Aspiring developer. Professional layup misser. Beach lover.

From a young age, I always found a fascination with computers - starting as young as four years old when I spent time each day to play Reader Rabbit on the PC. Since then, I've been lucky enough to have the chance to study more and more about computers and specially computer science and coding. Moving forward, I'd like to gain experience learning whatever I can. The world of computer science is limitless so I'm ready to go out there head on.

On a more personal side, I was born and raised in the Bay Area located in northern California throughout my entire life. Over the years, I've become infatuated with music - ranging from hip-hop to jazz. I've been playing the saxophone for more than 11 years, participating in bands such as the Wind Ensemble in high school to the Marching Band here at BC.

In my off time away from school and side projects, you can find me around campus at the gym hanging off the pull-up bar convincing myself that I'm not done growing or in one of many classrooms thinking of ways to improve organizations that I'm a part of. As an Asian-American, I've found a lot of joy in immersing myself in advocacy clubs such as the Boston College Asian Caucus or the Boston College Koreans Student Association.


  • Boston College University Communications
    Web Development Assistant

    • Improved Boston College’s course, major/minor and faculty websites.
    • Upgraded existing websites under Boston College domain by implementing previously designed modules through various Adobe applications.

  • Boston College

    • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
    • Relevant Coursework: Computer Science I/II, Computer Organization, Logic and Computation, Computer Architecture, Computer Systems, Randomness and Computation

    Design Intern

    • Built front-end design and redesigned product's website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript while utilizing platforms such as Wix.
    • Designed icon prototypes for the mobile application through Photoshop and Sketch.

  • Boston College Office of Human Resources
    Program Assistant

    • Collect and organize data of employees registered in programs and set up resources for the year-long Management Development Program.
    • Use Qualtrics software system as well as Microsoft Excel to create surveys and organize results from surveys.





Graphic Design (Sketch, Photoshop)


Future Interests

  • Ruby
  • Big Data
  • Hadoop/Tableau


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